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Saturday, May 31, 2003
ahh.. sweet irony

Well, John Constantine of Meme Cauldron (which is who placed the absolutely hilarious ad on Pop's site) has changed the ad, and even changed his own as well. Mine pointing to Disinformation and his to the Center for Cooperative Research. (The latter of the two being an awfully good site, nice choice John.) In respect to full disclosure, I had considered doing the same thing (placing an add on Eschaton) but thought Atrios wouldn't run it. Guess I was wrong. So, in the spirit of fair play, I will take the Eschaton ad off my page.. but later in the day, 'cause it's still funny to me.

Note to John: See, told you I wouldn't gloat.

Oh how embarassing

Looks like dear ol' dad decided to use my allowance to buy an ad on his site for me.. isn't that sweet?

Though it seems he could have found a more flattering picture of me from the family photo-album, don't you think? Since one good turn deserves another, I thought I'd break out an old drawing I made of dad in my younger years, and do the same for him.

Update: (12:40p)

The ad keeps changing, now it says: "Disinformation: Everything you know is wrong". I'm not sure I know what that's supposed to mean, but somebody has wa-a-a-ay too much time on their hands too be spending this much of it on silly little me.

Games stupid people play

I have something I've been working on, but this WhoIsAtriosJr? crap is taking up too much of my time, so, I'll post whatever they post about it here, and hopefully get back to what I was doing. Maybe this will be fun though.. I don't know what's funnier... Not knowing who WhoIsAtriosJr? is, knowing they're wrong, or the fact that they're wasting so much time on poor little insignificant me... On with the show.....

Well, here's WhoIsAtriosJr?'s newest addition to the "I have too much time on my hands" game..

Oh, you don't think I'm that easy now, do you? Since you put so much time and energy into coming up with this little ploy, why not let everyone else play the game?

Clue #1: What (who?) do these sites have in common?

Marduk's Babylonian Musings
Liquid List
Electric Venom
Meme Cauldron
Prometheus 6
Agonist Watch

If you're stuck, technorati might help or the myelin ecosystem

Ok, even funnier.. I don't know what they all have in common.

Friday, May 30, 2003
Let's go ahead and get this over with

So I can go on hiding my real identity...

Someone posing as "WhoIsAtriosJr?" has accused me of being Venomous Kate, which I guess would also be accusing her of being me.**

**As Venomous Kate points out, a re-read does seem to indicate that it's my other "persona" that visited her site, not that she's me. Or I'm her. Whatever.**

Anyways.. it's going on in comments, I thought I'd bring it out here. Here's the accusation:

No, Jr. is a Lefty blogger with a combination greed for links and chip-on-shoulder. Ironically, this is not the first such blog - Agonist Watch was the warm up. It's essentially a one-two punch; set up a blog which criticizes those who generally ignore you because you're not "first tier", then collect a few links (oh, maybe 5? or so) to bump you up a bit in the ecosystem. Since it worked so well once, why not try it again, this time dissing those who follow the big boys?

Thing is, you left too many fingerprints, "Jr."... Not smart to trash someone hours after you've obviously been to their site as your "regular" persona, a la Venomous Kate. And it's not hard to track down the other subjects of your ire. You were definitely sloppy, especially if you think like a link hound.

Then, of course, you fell for the bait I laid out earlier today. Definitely not smart.

I had planned on letting this pass, even told your "dad" as much. But it was too blantantly obvious, especially when I noticed the Starbuck's "ad". Almost struck my head with my palm at that point.

When I asked if they were serious:

If the facts didn't speak for themselves, that might even work...

What's funny is, if someone were to start a blog to discretely promote their usual blog, that sounds like something I would rail against here. They also said the facts speak for themselves... but, yet, no facts have been submitted. If they want to submit facts, I will post them here underneath this post. Point/Counterpoint.

The Song Remains The Same

Big Daddy Atrios is at it again...

As Much As...

I appreciate seeing a bit of Zeppelin coverage on CNN, but this is a goddamn commercial.

Synergy, indeed. Bring on that media consolidation!

Ha Ha.. earlier, in this post, he linked to for the same Zeppelin wares being showcased on CNN. But it's not like he get's paid if you buy from that link, right?

An ass and advertising

I still haven't figured out if Mac Diva* is calling me an "ass" in this post*, but I guess it doesn't matter.. it's still spot on..

An ass and advertising

Eschaton, Jr. has been thinking about advertising, specifically bloggers who advertise on other bloggers' sites. {-snip-}

If I had any money to spare, which I do not, my first priority would be to upgrade Mac-a-ro-nies to Blogger Pro or move it to another, more reliable weblogs provider. If I had the kind of bling bling a certain cretin does, which I do not, I would buy myself a new laptop. Spending $376 per month on advertising a blog, especially a sorry ass excuse for a blog, seems just plain wasteful to me.

And Marduck defends his wastefulness after a quip from his wife.

After reading the previous entry, and completely ignoring the loving things I said here about her yesterday, Mrs. Marduk rather tartly observes that for someone who buys ads promoting his blog, I am hardly in any position to comment about the inadequate egos of others.

To which I offer the following two points:

1. The purchased ads are merely my way of ensuring the proper dissemination of my work among the semi-illiterate Idiotarians. It is, in fact, a public service.

2. Anyone who plans on spending an unseemly amount of tourist dollars on the weasely French, has no business criticizing the spreading of a few shekels in the blogosphere.

What the hell do the French have to do with it? I for one am sick of the "boycott the French 'cause they tried to not let us have our dang 'ol war" mentatlity. Funny thing is, those same people are the ones who cry "why do they hate us so much?" every time something happens to American interests.. Instead of suggesting we re-evaluate our foreign policy as the 'worlds bully', they insist that it's our obvious superiority that they envy, which fuels the hate.

Oh, and for the record, if Mrs. Marduck wants to start a blog called "Mrs. Marduk, Married to an Egocentric Babylonian Blowhard", I'll personally buy ad space on that blog.

*links removed

Hypocrisy, thy name is Atrios, jr.

What, me, a hypocrite? No... you say. Yes.
So, here's a link for you. (Link "bloggered", top post today.) From a friend of the show, Effern.

(See, no additional comment from me.)

Thursday, May 29, 2003
Hey mister, spare some change?

Very rarely do bloggers just come right out and ask for money.. but my pop, he's got no shame...

Oh, and if anyone wants to contribute to the utterly worthless cause of subsidizing my travels - you know, so I return rested with More Powerful Blogs Than Ever - feel free to click the links to the left or buy an ad or whatever.

Smacking with hypocrisy

Like many of you I'm sure, I began reading/hosting blogs a couple of years ago because of my utter disgust with standard media. I found in blogdom a brotherhood of sorts, a kinship. When it became a competition, I can't be sure, but the need for hits, links, and general notoriety has plagued this medium since. "Blogging for Bucks" is the newest symptom of this plague, and the one that has pushed me over the edge. It doesn't necessarily take a genius to understand that whenever money changes hands, things start changing, like it or not. (This in fact is what is wrong with the campaign finance system in this country..) Now that so many blogs are a constant plea for attention, trolling for traffic and links are the motivating point in which bloggers post. The easiest way I see to make a mockary of this practice, as the ol' saying goes: "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em..". Oliver, of the Liquid List says this of me, posted in the comments section of this post:

As one of the sites that advertises on Atrios, I'm pretty convinced that blogging is, in and of itself, a "look at me!" activity. So to catch flak from another blogger, especially one whose site is called Eschaton, Jr. (and I don't give a rat's ass if you run another blog, you also run this one), smacks of hypocrisy.

I blog because I have things to say and I want people to read them. Is that presumptuous and/or narcissistic? Yes, indeed. Might it be silly to pay for traffic? Maybe, but why be on the Web if you're not looking for traffic, or if you don't care to have your opinions read? Why not just write in a journal?

Pot, meet kettle. You might notice some similarities.

Now first of all, when I "gave them flak", I would like to point out that it was in no way was an attack on their particular blog, because I could care less to write about the content of one's page in this space. (Unless of course it pertains to the idea I'm trying to convey). It was simply an example of how "look at me!" we really have gotten here. Once upon a time, your readership was built on solid writing and engaging in common interests with your readership (Counterspin is a perfect example), but now all you gotta do is rent the space! Hey, they have an ad, they must be good! Calling me a hypocrite is like calling the fat kid fat.

The other problem that I have seen is blogs turning into websites that are basically morphed headlines with links to the original article. "News" websites such as BuzzFlash, and bloggers such as Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and Tom Tomorrow have turned this practice into sheer art. What's the point in taking the time to blog if you have nothing relevant to say?

Oh, and if you could, leave your rat's ass and my other blog out of this.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003
Sinking to my level

Prometheus 6, in this post (that has now been removed), gives that self-promotionaholic Marduk much less than he deserves. (partially recovered on that waste of server space called Marduk's Babylonian Musings)

On the other hand, Mar-dick is getting on my last fucking nerve.
I got a question for ya, Ducky. How many friend would you have if you didn't buy them with ads and shower gifts (you find them Hulk Hands yet?).
Link to that, bitch. Because it's the last time your name appears on my site. You may, of course continue to bask in my digital radience.. IF you learn how to spell ("syncophant"?).

Prometheus 6 removed it because he said he doesn't want to "sink to that level". I guess that means my level.. which is why it's posted here.

I wouldn't call the venom "electric"..

Maybe "arrogant" is the word I'm looking for. So, let me get this straight.. you troll for hits, advertise for hits, then ridicule the people who took the time to read your blog and respond. Makes perfect sense to me.

Yes, I know that it's easy to form the impression when you're reading the (searchable) information about someone else's life that you have some kind of cosmic connection with them. It's even more simple to take one out of every fifteen entries (or details about the blogger) and think to yourself, "Gee, I'm like that, too!" which gets translated into "We have lots in common." [I know. I did that. Ask Glenn, a lawyer (like me!) who's into politics (like me!) and reads lots of blogs (like me!) and is clearly computer literate (like me!). (Or, rather, don't. The man is busy.]

But if you delude yourself - as I did, momentarily - that you are an exception rather than the rule (i.e., the person(s) to whom this post is addressed), you'll be costing yourself in the long run. Because what you'll do is start - or continue - an avalanche of unsolicited e-mail to which bloggers truly try to kindly respond but which, when they get to be more than, say, one every five or so days, turns into a burden.

Let me repeat: burden

All this and link-happy too!

Tuesday, May 27, 2003
More on Blogads

In the "look at me!" category, by way of paid advertising for a blog, Marduk's Babylonian Musings is by far the biggest offender. Not only by just his sheer inability to stop himself from buying adspace on other blogs (9, count 'em, 9), but also the content of his site is quite contrary to some of those who he pays for ad space. Renting space on Eschaton then railing on about "The whining bitching of the perennial left-of-center losers" (Not directly aimed at Eschaton's readers, but you get the point...) Even worse? He has the audacity to knock Mac Diva*, easily one of the left's finest bloggers..

I truly love reading the racist bint Mac Diva's blogs, since every day she comes up with the most incredible fuckwit opinions.

Anyways, back to the adspace.. First, the price of the ad space alone. Here's a list of the blogs he advertises on, and how much they cost per month.. shall we?

BlogCritics -- $60/month
Jane Galt -- $30/month
The Truth Laid Bear -- $25/month
Daily Pundit -- $30/month
Ken Layne -- $40/month
Amish Tech Support -- $36/month
Matt Welch -- $40/month
Cold Fury -- $15/month
and of course... Eschaton -- $100/month

Now, that comes to $376 a month for paid advertising for a blog. Granted, some of the prices may have gone up slightly since he signed up (I know big daddy Atrios' have almost doubled since the start), but this is nothing short of overkill. Unless he won a contest with BlogAds where he gets to pick 9 sites to advertise for free, it's a pathetic plea for attention.

Newest list of offenders:

Electric Venom
Observations of a Misfit
Mind of Man
Allen's Arena
Cut on the Bias

*link removed

Oh Johnny boy..

John Constantine, of Meme Cauldron, seems quite offended and is maybe taking my comments just a tad too personal.

Eschaton, jr. takes me to task for advertising on Eschaton.
I'm hurt. Truly.
Hmmm... What's more pathetic? Having a pathetic loser blog like mine, or kicking a pathetic loser blog like mine in the nuts?
C'mon John.. lighten up. I've read your blog, and I've never even made one mention of it's content. My comments were/are based solely on the shameless promotion of one's blog, and ends there with yours. Cut it out, and be vindicated.. take Where's My Soap? for instance. Their advertisement is no longer on Eschaton, so, they will be unmentionable in this space, unless of course they continue- or give up posting original information of course...

Intelligent, informative blogging

Don't worry, I know you laughed a little when you thought I was talking about me.. no harm done. I'm a liitle behind on my reading, so put these guys under "bloggers I'll be reading today" (and that can be said everyday):

Kevin Drum with CalPundit
(Dr.) Joshua Micah Marshall* with Talking Points Memo
Bob Harris at This Modern World, who needs to get a blog of his own and seperate himself from the link-heavy blogging of his host, Tom Tomorrow (a.k.a. Dan Perkins). Honestly, I'm not trying to be harsh with Tom, I'm actually quite a fan. But as far as blogging is concerned, he could point you in the direction of big papa Atrios, or Hesiod at Counterspin, or even the N.Y. Times front page and you and you could do his blogging for him. (But I've got a feeling you'd struggle with the cartooning. Just an assumption.)

*Speaking of Josh Marshall, here's a strange ending to an otherwise fine interview with Clinton's main man Sid, from Liberal Oasis..

Liberal Oasis: Finally, are you Atrios?

Sidney Blumenthal: No. But I do read Atrios. I read a lot of blogs. But I'm not Atrios. Nor am I Josh Marshall.

Josh Marshall? Since when does anyone think Josh Marshall is Sid? I thought the issue with the tinfoil hat crowd was with "who is Atrios?", not "which blogger is actually Sidney Blumenthal". Am I wrong?


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