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Saturday, June 14, 2003
An admittedly pathetic post

I'm pretty busy this weekend, (my pop's in europe you know, that's a long way to go to give him a card and a crappy tie..) so I'm going to do like Skippy and give you an "around the blogsphere" kind of post about what I've noticed today then head out..

John Constantine at Meme Cauldron has come up missing.. I'm honestly upset by this, I hope it's a joke of some kind.

Mac Diva's precious TTLB ranking is slipping fast after many people have de-linked her, including her so-called "blogfather". (But looking at pop's blogroll, I did notice that he still has his Mars or Bust link.. wonder who he's siding with?)

Stop in and say "Hi" to Mac, and don't forget the Oreo's..

Andrew Sullivan is on a pledge drive, which is really about as sad as it gets..

Is Hesiod turning into a liberal blogging version of Dennis Miller, or is it just me?

Josh Marshall will be selling BlogAds.. Hopefully he won't be buying them too.

and finally.. How do I get my own "guest bloggers" like my old man? Sure, in his case the content is suffering.. but, in mine it might improve!

Friday, June 13, 2003
NatashaWatch revisited

Remember NatashaWatch? What's that you say? You missed it? Well, thanks to The MinuteMan, we get a second chance..

Oops.. forgot to ask her "permission".. damn me and my ethics!

Let the accusations (like pigs) fly!

I'm gonna do this in an attempt to drive John crazy..

Keeping your blog free

I use Blogger to run this blog and Enetation for my comments.. I'm sure anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention knows that, anyway.. While I'm certainly grateful for these free services, I am new to both of them and now see that in the blog world, you get what you pay for.. (unless you're Marduck, then you don't get such a good return on your investment, as Jim C points out..) and while I would (and probably should) pay the $14 to upgrade my Enetation comments (which would put them on a dedicated server), I wouldn't pay a cent to upgrade Blogger. The servers are slow, even when visiting the "pro" sites, and the posting software is sub-par at best. Thinking about this, I wondered how much it cost to advertise on BlogSpot, seeing as how this is obviously the way they make their money back, because I'm sure the amount of server space they require can't be cheap, and got this message:

Put your ad on Blog*Spot... but not at the moment. We are retooling the way we serve ads on Blog*Spot. We will have more information in the coming weeks about how to place your ad in front of thousands of Blog*Spot users and readers. Stay tuned!

I have to admit, this is a little worrisome.. what if they were to integrate these just plain awful ads into your blog, which would almost force you to upgrade..? I mean, think of the possibilities! Hopefully, this is what they're referring to.. which answers another question.. Why is it that when I search in Google do so many blogs come up first?

Thursday, June 12, 2003
Show me the money!

On his blog the other day, Tacitus entertained the idea of selling BlogAds on his blog, citing the idiot Marduck's incedibly wasteful spending as something he'd like to get in on.. to mixed reviews. Well well well, I see that he did decide to go through with it, at least for a short time.. with a fake ad for Capozzola paid for by none other than, do I have to say it? Marduck. If you've been paying attention, you know that this isn't the first ad for someone paid for by someone else, now is it?

I think this would be an absolutely wonderful trend (no offense Jim), to see BlogAds get used not for its intended "Look at me!" purpose, but instead as satire, thereby underscoring anyone's serious interests in promoting oneself shamelessly. As far as Marduck is concerned, I say let the idiot spend his money, 'cause no one can possibly be taking that bile he spews out daily seriously anyways.

So, in the spirit of fair play.. and to help this trend on its way.. don't forget to check out the newest ad on my blog!

UPDATE: Check out this post at the Rittenhouse Review just above the one I linked to in this post for his insight into a topic that possibly has been discussed here at least once. Ok, maybe twice.. either way, he's right.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Holy Crap!

After discovering a link gone bad I noticed this: Transpose the "s" and the "p" in any given Blogger/BlogSpot web address (for example: and see what you get..

There's gold in them there blogs!

Want your blog to make you rich? Of course you do, isn't that what it's all about? Find out how. Apparently all you gotta do is get about a billion hits a day and then either beg for money or sell them stuff! It's brilliant!! Well, I could have never figured out that ingenius formula.. and this guy is obviously very credible, not only does he call Reynolds the "gravity" of the blogworld, but he even sites Andrew Sullivan as the guy who "brought Trent Lott down".. hmm.. something tells me big Daddy Atrios and his little buddy Josh Marshall would have a thing or two to say about that..
Last word on the Diva

Don't go claiming the high road and questioning other peoples ethics when you refuse to quit bringing up someones medical condition into the argument.. You are attempting to demonize people that suffer with autism/Asperger's and that is incredibly unforgivable. Not to mention your decision to start touting her last name on your blog. It is astonishing to me that someone who blogs about civil rights every day (via Silver Rights) can use a discriminating factor against someone else without even a smidge of remorse. Shame on you.. and shame on me for being fooled by you.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003
Paranoid? Nah...

The NatashaWatch blog has been removed, sorta:

Natasha Watch has been converted to a private blog after its address was published without my permission. But, believe me, Natasha will still be watched.

Remember, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not watching you..

My vote for worst blog ever..

Obviously, in light of recent developments, I've been reading alot more of the Diva lately than I normally care to. Due to my fondness for Mac Diva, I had sorta bit my tongue on some things about her blog(s) that I don't especially care for. (and in the process, fueled some fires) But it's gotten worse and worse, and I have to say that it's gone too far. It seems as though her last few days worth of blogging have been devoted to TTLB contest, which she happens to have won, and defending herself against attacks from bloggers from around the sphere. While some of the arguments are ridiculous, there have been some rather good points made. I personally am not a fan of the third-person referencing (and linking) between her two blogs, Mac-a-ro-nies, and Silver Rights. I also agree with the point that is made about her refusal to post comments on her blog, yet will air out any dirty laundry from email that she finds herself fit to. I'm assuming this has to do with posting only the email arguments that she thinks she can win. Thus, champion of her own domain. Fair enough, everyone plays by their own rules I guess. but......

I don't know the back-story about this, I assume that at least somebody does, but this is utterly pathetic. And sad. All I know is that this is a woman that seems to have gotten under her skin more than a few times, and well, I guess it was enough to start a third blog about. I'm sure in a matter of days, it will be linking her other blogs and she'll be pleased as punch to see her Technorati and TTLB numbers go up, which as you all know by now, is what I think drives far too many bloggers.. Sorry J, but it has become achingly clear that this is all too true.

Help stop media consolidation

A fine example of what I see wrong with alot of blogging is happening in a "bigger picture" sense in the media. The Michael Powell led FCC voted last week to ease the rules on how many media outlets an individual/corporation can own in a single market. had a petiton, that I hope you all signed, but it didn't help. Well, we get a second go at it. John McCain is pushing for a second look at this disaster, and I would like to use this small voice, to ask for lots of voices, to avoid only hearing one voice in the media. It's bad enough already, give it all you got so it doesn't get worse. Go here to sign's petition and here if you don't know how to contact your representatives. Tell 'em to cut it out before all we get is 37 variations of FoxNews.. ugh.

Monday, June 09, 2003
New BlogAd!

Oh, and what a piece o' crap this one is too. The top entry on the page (at least when I got there) was talking about BlogShares, which history will someday prove to be another of blogdom's undoings. At least at $15/month (the rate for advertising on Cold Fury) they didn't go broke begging you to look their way..

Monkeys in a barrel

Anyone who wants to weigh in on the silliness of the accusations of my being Mac Diva, go here, these idiots are making a federal case of it.. and there you will find (and I'm quoting here) the "unmistakable evidence".. This is probably the last I'll speak of this, but you never know.. I've got some things to post later, maybe I can avoid this topic..


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