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Wednesday, June 18, 2003
Over and Out

"..the internet's most masturbatory blog .."

"Is it just me, or has Atriosjr turned into a snarky blogging version of Michael Getler?"

"..self appointed conscience of the lefty blogosphere.."

"What's more pathetic, having a loser blog like mine, or kicking a loser blog like mine in the nuts?"
-John Constantine

" rebellious kid"

"hi junior, thanks for the mention, and i'll definatley drop by again."
-Skippy (and for the record: after he left this message, he obviously read the rest of the blog and de-linked it.)

"Man I love this blog! Sorry if this seems sappy, but reading blogs is not typically fun, until this one came along. Long live Junior!"
-pCharles, esquire

"your coolness quotient is steadily sinking."

"If you hold a mirror exactly in the center of the blog title on this page (Eschaton Jr.), it spells out "1-ONE-IX-HE-DIE", which proves definitively that Paul is dead."

"I consider this an example of what I like to call "cannibal blogging"."
-Right is Right

"Kudos to Atrios, Jr.! Will the self-stimulation never cease? One can only hope"
-Medium Lobster

"I like to think of Atrios Jr as the lefty blog reader's ombudsman."
-Mac (for the record: Mac said this in comments from a post about Hesiod.. who then used the word "ombudsman" in a post about Atrios, jr.)

"The sheer chutzpa you have, Junior"

"..Go fall on a knife."

"This blog about other people's blogs is like a movie about a movie, it really annoys me."

-Hillbilly Dan

"if that was my other blog, i'd never admit it."

"BTW, I honestly can't remember being as amused by something online as much as this whole identity thing has made me."
-Prometheus 6

Tuesday, June 17, 2003
Ad confusion

I've gotten a couple emails today wondering about this ad, and what I know about it. Seeing as how it's on the same two pages that had the fake Coppozalla ad from Marduck, I can only assume that he stopped the ad and put that picture in its place. If I'm wrong and somebody has better info, let me know.

Blogging for Dummies

A quick glance around for books about blogging yielded these results:
Blog On: Building Online Communities with Web Logs
We Blog: Publishing Online with Weblogs
The Weblog Handbook: Practical Advice on Creating and Maintaining Your Blog
We've Got Blog: How Weblogs Are Changing Our Culture
Blogging: Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content
Essential Blogging
Running Weblogs with Slash

Keep in mind, these are just the books with "blog" or some variation of the word in the title. Many many more on the "virtual community" scene.. anyhow, I found this interesting, mainly because I would think that if you're not smart enough to figure out how blogging works and what it takes to be "successful" in a weekend of reading other blogs, well.... do we really need your blog?

Disclaimer: Eschaton, jr. is in no way affiliated with and the above links are not to be interpreted as an endorsement of big-chain big-money corporations of any kind. Please, if for whatever reason you were to decide to buy one of those books, go to your local bookseller and buy it there, or have them order it for you.

Monday, June 16, 2003
Setting the record straight

Natasha (yes, that Natasha) has decided to begin posting on Asperger's, a neurological disorder within the autism spectrum that she has been dealing with her entire life. In light of the accusations that had been slung her way lately, and the implications that it was her disorder that made her do so, I think this is an important thing she is doing.

I should have thought of this..

While this blog deals mainly with mocking "blogitics" (for those of you who are not me, I guess I should tell you that "blogitics" will be my new word for anything related to the politics of blogging), this blog deals with mocking the dullness of most (and I do mean most) blogs, by, well, being the dullest damn blog you ever read.. and sometimes even duller comments (100's of them!). So let's say you're bored, but not quite bored enough.. go there.

Re-directed from Meme Cauldron?

Wondering what happened to John? Me too.. Tell him to get his ass back online and feel free to use the comments to send John some love.

Pop-up alert

Seeing the Forest has added a pop-up ad.. Granted, it's for the Howard Dean campaign, which we here in the Eschaton family are completely in support of, but I'm afraid this is the kind of thing that could be counter-productive. So I'm doubly annoyed.. that the Dean campaign is lowering itself to this kind of tactic, and that Seeing the Forest is starting something that could get real, real ugly. Here's the post explaining it. Jump in on comments if you like..

UPDATE: The pop-up is generated and distributed from Carl with a K, so maybe we should take this up with Karl.


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